Day 67 - Kentoto

I haven't been out today and have been generally lacking in photographic motivation, because my dad is really rather ill. And it's his birthday too. And it also occurred to me that amongst my 4,000 plus photo collection, I don't have a single snap of him.

Not that his features offended my lens - more the case that I've been living in Mexico for getting on 4 years, when most of my photos were taken, and he hasn't been able to visit. I haven't cheated though. I've done the best I can to get a photo of him in my collection, by photographing a photo on my sister's Facebook page.

Why the title Kentoto? The name Ken isn't common in Mexico, so it draws blank stares. The only thing the name Ken relates to here is a song sung by Paul McCartney, either with the Wings or Beatles, with the word Kentoto sung as the chorus. At least it sounds like Kentoto. It's barely played in the UK, but is hugely popular here, Paola's dad's favourite track in fact, and is still regularly played on the radio. And so, unbeknown to Ken himself, but his Mexican nickname became Kentoto. Affectionately. Anyone know the title of the song?

Gary Denness