The Lemonade Award

A brief interruption to my 365 programming as I have received an award. The Lemonade Award, from Amy. I don't know anything about this award other than it's a 'Pass It Along' type award. I did try and find the origin but failed. Was it inspired by Steel Magnolias? I can't say for sure. The only thing I know is that there are hundreds of results on Google of Lemonade Award winners.

Still, an award is an award, and it does mean that at least one person likes my blog to some degree! So I shall accept it gracefully and pass it on to three more deserving causes. Emm in London for her....well, London inspired posting. And also to Jesus and Steve. I could link to a hundred excellent blogs, and I choose these three largely because...well, they came to mind first and I haven't seen them get any awards lately. :)


Gary Denness