Day One Hundred Two

A traditional English pub with a thatched roof, with many fond memories. Directly behind it, and therefore out of view, is a petrol station. Once part of the Texaco.Star Service Stations network. Until 2005, when Somerfield took it over. I worked there as a supervisor from 1996 till 1999, and returned to manage it from 2002 to 2003. My first stint was the happier. Both stints saw me pay many visits to the Fish Inn pub. 

I celebrated the new millennium there on Dec 31st 1999/Jan 1st 2000. There was no Y2K bug during the celebrations. A girl hit on me that night. I was very drunk, and as I couldn't quite see straight and make an informed decision on her looks, I passed the opportunity. I saw her a few days later. Super freaking hot. So...not the best decision I ever made. It was unlikely she'd ever be drunk enough again to offer me a second opportunity.

Gary Denness