The Project

The object of a 365 photo project is simple - to take a photo everyday for a whole year. It's a popular concept that has spawned groups on Flickr and elsewhere. It's fun. It's educational. It's a great record of a year of your life. I failed with my first attempt at a 365 project back in the mid noughties. But I did succeed in 2008/9 when I managed to take a photo a day, every day, without fail from October 19th round to the following October 18th. All of those photos are available on this blog. 

I'm currently doing it all over again, but will go one better this time. As 2012 has a leap year, this time I'll be snapping 366 photos. And unlike 2008, when I lived in Mexico, these photos will record a year of my life in the UK. Another change this time round will be the camera I use. In 2008 I used a Panasonic TZ5 travel zoom. I still have it, although I sport a shiny Olympus PEN as my prime camera these days. But that won't shoot any of my photos in this project. 

This time I will be using the camera on my cell phone. Which is a Samsung Galaxy S2. It has an 8mp camera, and whilst its ultimate image quality falls well short of a proper camera, it's still good enough for this project. This project is meant to be spontaneous, experimental and fun. One thing that will be just like last year though - the Photo of the Month vote. Stay tuned...

Update: I got to day 244 in 2012 and just ran out of steam. But getting to the finish line late is better than not getting there at all. So I will resume the project on June 19th 2016, exactly four years later, to grind out the last 122 photos. Like 2012, this year is a leap year so the 366 theme still applies. Unlike 2012, I won't be shooting with a Samsung Galaxy S2. I've been through a couple of phones since then and now have an iPhone 6s. With a little luck, I'll complete the last month or so with a shiny new iPhone 7.

Viva le 366!